Prepare and upload your Outline AND Thesis Paragraph

1. Prepare and upload your Outline AND Thesis Paragraph:

An Outline should be a clear structure of the paper you will be writing; it should include an Introduction, a Body with (alphabetical or numerical) parts and sub-parts, and a Conclusion.  Make sure to use headings and sub-headings in your outline.

A Thesis Paragraph is a “Roadmap” of your paper and should reflect the main discussion points you will make in the main body of the paper.  

2. List three cited resources you used so far in your project, for each resource give:

– the contact information (web address, book title, article title, person interviewed, etc)

– what data you obtained from each resource

The following content is partner provided. Attached is what the outline should look like for the final paper…


The unauthorized practice of law by paralegals/legal assistants in New York State is undermining the paralegal profession and increased regulation and enforcement in the area of unauthorized practice of law is necessary.

In this project, students will:

a) perform research using bar association resources, case law and applicable statutes (both in New York as well as in other states) in order to gain an understanding of the concept of unauthorized practice of law by paralegals in New York;

b) evaluate the effectiveness of current regulations/sanctions re: the unauthorized practice of law in New York; and

c) propose additional regulations/sanctions for submission to the various New York Bar Associations as well as to the Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York; and

d) research the Internet (websites and social media) for examples of unauthorized practice of law committed by paralegals (or people who call themselves paralegals) and create a list of these websites/names. For example, the table/document would read: Company name/web address/social media information/example and attach this table to the 5-7 page paper.

The final project will be in the form of a 5-7 page paper which will incorporate the information gathered and compiled for a), b), c) and d) above. Citations will be in MLA format.

In performing research on the topic, it is evident that there is not even uniform authority on the unauthorized practice of law for attorneys: “(A)t present, there is no single place to turn in New York state for a definition of the practice of law and what may

constitute the unauthorized practice of law in New York state. However, attorneys are

referred to the provisions of article 15 of the Judiciary Law (especially §§ 478 and 484).

Investigation and prosecution of allegations of unauthorized practice are handled by the

Attorney General’s office (Judiciary Law §§ 476-a to 476-c). Unauthorized practice may

subject the violator to misdemeanor prosecution (Judiciary Law § 485) or contempt of

court (Judiciary Law § 750[b]). (See, also, Judiciary Law §§ 16, 250).”

NOTE: All students at Berkeley College are required to demonstrate that they can apply the knowledge and skills acquired through their coursework in a real-life job experience. You will be demonstrating your

knowledge and skills in this course.