read and answare discussing question

To answer all the questions below read the attachment.

Discussing Questions:

Kant believed strongly that art should be loved for itself (intrinsically) and never for its market value (extrinsically). Do you agree?

Hume thought that art was an acquired taste that fit in with the critics who are well-respected. Do you agree?

Coleridge and Shelley thought that artists were the ones who lead us to truth and so are very important for an effective society. Do you agree?

Nietzsche posits the two poles of drama and fiction (which may also apply today to movies): Apollo (the intellectual stimulation and balance) v. Dionysus (the physical and emotional). Do you like to come out of a movie, for example, with a lot to think about or do you want lots of “action” such as car chases, gun fights, kissing, and so forth. Which is the most important. This is a discussion question on Canvas. List your thoughts there.

On p. 177 there is a chart that lists the relationship between the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. If this chart is correct, then Apollo was the right choice, above.

Finally, Heidegger gives another argument suggesting that art presents truth in its pure form. Is he correct?

After that, give a summary of the plot (around 100-150 words) summarize what has happened in the plot for Chapter8. That should be separate Word Document.

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