read and answer the following questions 3

You are now required to complete the assigned readings for tomorrow :

Joseph Massad, Desiring Arabs, Chapter 3

Afsaneh Najmabadi, Professing Selves: Transsexuality and Same-Sex Desire in Contemporary Iran, excerpt

as well as Benjamin Thomas White, The Emergence of Minorities in the Middle East. Conclusion.

And answer the following questions:

1- In your opinion, what arguments and outcomes does White arrive at in his closing chapter ? (conclusion part)

And no.2, answer either:

Do the gay and transexual communities in the Middle East fit in the category of minority described by White in his book. ?

OR, what does the author of Desiring Arabs (Joseph A. Massad) argue in chapter 3 of his book.

Each answer should be one short paragraph. I do not need very long and detailed explanations.

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