read chapter and answer questions and exercise

Week 3: Homework #1

Chapter 5 – study questions 1-9, Exercise 1

Chapter 6 – study questions 1-10, Exercise 6, & 7

(Information Systems for Business and Beyond)

text book:

The above assignments should be submitted in one-word document.


  • What were the first four locations hooked up to the Internet (ARPANET)?
  • What does the term packet mean?
  • Which came first, the Internet or the World Wide Web?
  • What was revolutionary about Web 2.0?
  • What was the so-called killer app for the Internet?
  • What does the term VoIP mean?
  • What is a LAN?
  • What is the difference between an intranet and an extranet?
  • What is Metcalfe’s Law?

Exercise1: What is the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web? Create at least three statements that identify the differences between the two.

Chapter 6:

  • Briefly define each of the three members of the information security triad.
  • What does the term authentication mean?
  • What is multi-factor authentication?
  • What is role-based access control?
  • What is the purpose of encryption?
  • What are two good examples of a complex password?
  • What is pretexting?
  • What are the components of a good backup plan?
  • What is a firewall?
  • What does the term physical security mean?

Exercie6: Find the information security policy at your place of employment or study. Is it a good policy? Does it meet the standards outlined in the chapter?

Exercie7: How diligent are you in keeping your own information secure? Review the steps listed in the chapter and comment on your security status