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Reply to Classmates Post – This is the class with the harsh instructor!

The two phrases from both readings that I will compare are,

(Everyday Use) “In real-life I am a large, big boned woman with rough, man-looking hands. In the winter I wear flannel nightgowns to bed and overalls during the day.”

(Shiloh) “Well, let me know when you want me again. Stevie says. He has a cigarette in his cupped palm, as though sheltering it from the wind.”

The characters in both of these passages are very distinctive and descriptive. While reading both of these short readings you can picture exactly what is happening and how something would actually look if in person. These characters show the details that would be used when exemplifying the way someone portrays themselves and how they would act in a public setting. In the Everyday Use passage we see that the way she is describing herself is in great detail and provides the reader an image that you would imagine seeing a more “butchy” woman to look like and what she might look like when she goes to bed. In the Shiloh passage, we see Stevie exclaiming a sort of intense remark while smoking and you can picture Stevie with the cigarette in his hand and the wind blowing while talking. If these characters were to interact with each other I would imagine it to be very blunt and dry. The conversations they have would be more about man-like scenarios and they both might smoke cigarettes while talking on the front porch. They would have something to do at all times and would exert themselves in a way that explains how they feel to each scenario. Both characters in these passages show great bravery to be able to admit and speak at such honest and open levels about one another, static characters have these characteristics.

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