research job description occupational outlook educational requirements characteristics and abilities salary working conditions and career path for your selected health profession career include information that you think is interesting do not cop

I want the research paper to be on NURSING Career

  1. Title page: student name, course, date and report title.
  2. Format
    1. 2 to 3 pages
    2. Typed
    3. 12 font only
    4. Margins no larger than 1 inch
    5. Double-spaced
  3. Core – minimum 5 paragraphs including an introduction, job description, educational requirements, characteristics and abilities, salary, working conditions, career path, and conclusion.
  4. Current job posting worksheet.
  5. Remember to cite your resources. You may use MLA or APA format.
  6. All papers must be uploaded to Canvas by the due date. Please submit your paper in Word or a PDF. Please do not use Pages for any of your assignments. The documents do not open with our system and cannot be graded.
  7. Job description: brief description of job and the occupational outlook for this occupation.
  8. Educational requirements: describe the education, training, volunteering, and/or work experience required for this occupation. Your report should include the type of education (Certificate, Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate), length of education or training, cost of education or training, as well as any special licenses, certificates, exams, and/or continuing education (if applicable).
  9. Characteristics and abilities needed for this career: personality traits, skills, tasks, work values, interests.
  10. Salary: starting wage, wage variations based on education and experience.
  11. Working conditions: typical work hours, locations, requirements related to age, gender, physical and or mental abilities.
  12. Career path: what are the different levels for this career, what skills or education are needed to move up in this career, career trajectory.
  13. Worksheet (can be found in week 8 module): Look up a current job posting for your selected occupation.