research paper on a fake company data protection as per mentioned requirements

Need a paper and power point slides

Company / Organization:

Your group will decide on the company type, size, etc.

Do not make it trivial

Should be challenging and intriguing

Think of what companies have to deal with

Consider what companies deal with:


Documents – stored and transmitted

Data – stored and transmitted





Authenticating users – local and remote

What certifying authorities?

Latest attacks on Encryption:

What types of attacks are out there?

How do they work

How are companies vulnerable?

How are people authenticated?

Be sure to address:

What methodology will you use to protect the data?

What are the biggest challenges faced by companies using encryption?

What are common attacks and how will you protect against them?

How will you verify and authenticate the users both local and remote?

What forms of encryption (symmetric / asymmetric)

What certifying authorities will you use?

How have other similar companies dealt with this and with what results?

How will you test the method you choose?

What are the expected outcomes?

What new methods may be on the horizon that will help this industry?

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