research poster 1

My topic is What’s the impact of Airbnb on hotel occupancy in London among the University students

Part 1 Individual Poster Presentation (8-10 minutes)

A Research Poster is a contemporary way of presenting research by many academic scholars at high profile conferences and symposiums and is a useful ‘short-hand’ way of explaining a research project. The main purpose of the Research Poster is to help clarify the purpose and direction of your Research Proposal which will form the basis of your final semester dissertation or other option project. You will physically produce an A1 sized Research Poster to accompany an 8-10-minute oral presentation of your prospective research proposal. This proposal is primarily considered formative as an example of your work-in-progress before your final written individual research proposal is complete.

The A1 sized Research Poster and presentation must include the following:

Your Name and Student ID Number

Research Question

(NB: Your research question is your title, is not necessary to develop a separate title)

Research Aim

(NB: This should include what is the purpose of the study, what is ultimately to be achieved in conducting the study, who would benefit from conducting this study)

4 Research Objectives

(NB: This is your plan for how you will answer your research question and achieve your research aim)


(NB: You should make use of up to 5 relevant quotes and up to 5 relevant statistics as appropriate to explain the background and contemporary relevance of your research focus)

Methodology and Methods

(NB: You will find it relevant to refer and make use of Saunders and Lewis ‘Research Onion’ for this)

References List

(NB: All references must be in the Harvard University system format)


In terms of presentation do consider carefully the layout and use of colour and typeface for your A1 poster. There is no set format for this, however, you should consider what is logical and appropriate for your research topic and industry sector. Your poster must be organised clearly and logically. It is recommended to use or include a relevant image(s) to support your work and aesthetic appeal of your poster. It is recommended to use or include a relevant image(s) to support your work and aesthetic appeal of your poster. The poster can be printed in either Portrait or Landscape format.

You will find it useful to make use of the following to create your Research Poster:

Adobe Suite – Photoshop, InDesign


PowerPoint (i.e. 1 Slide Only)

You will need to print your A1 poster physically. A list of potential printers is provided on Moodle although you may find a printer who is closer to where you live in London. Most reputable printers provide a discount for students.

It is your personal responsibility to ensure you print your poster in good time well before your presentation. The schedule for your presentation will be provided by your Module Leader and/or Seminar Tutor in advance with full details provided on Moodle so do ensure you check for your timeslot.

Your 8-10-minute presentation will focus on all the key components as listed above in the research proposal. NB: It is important to remember this is a plan for a future research project to potentially take place in your final semester option module; you are not expected in this module to complete the research outlined in your proposal for this module.