respond 2 classmates

respond to at least two classmates. First, offer suggestions to the questions they post. Then, consider what else you can offer. Where might the project plan argument be stronger? Where might additional details be necessary? What other questions do you have that would be important for readers to know? Your responses should be about 120 words.

Classmate 1:

The solution that I have came up with is creating different training programs for both current employees and new hires in order to improve communication between accountants at PwC (tax firm) and their clients. The two major steps I have identified to reach my solution is to come up with different ideas/topics for new and current employees and to create or hire a team to design the different series of trainings. I have attached my map and table to my response. While creating the map, I struggled coming up with more that 2 major steps. Is there any other major steps that you would recommend? If so, are there any minor steps you can think of to go along with it?

One question that I have in regards to the organization and structure of the project plan is, what are some good transitions to go from one section of the plan to the next? Is there a certain page length a project plan should be? Also, would the time line for the project be the due date for the project?

Classmate 2:

Overall, creating the table and map helped me to identify exactly what steps are needed and why they are important. I know what I would like to implement through this proposal, but I am struggling to organize it.