Respond to this student post, References in APA format

Respond to this student post, References in APA format

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Based on evidence the number of police called to juvenile incidents has increased rather drastically because the society of today no longer wants to deal with the juvenile acts themselves. This type of action between police and juveniles is both good and bad for those, in which it is a good thing as the article I found by (Miller) talks about how the number of juvenile acts are being committed and for the ones that the police are called in on are good outcomes because the police most likely have successfully deterred the juvenile from committing the same acts again (Miller, 2014). For the ones that this much interaction is bad, is the fact that based on evidence collected the youth is more likely to continue to break laws because of some type of social status or the rare chance that the person does not fit into society. Though the actions are both good and bad this is still a good outcome because in most instances the youths committing the acts that the police are called to are more likely to stop committing these acts. This adds much positive reinforcement onto the topics discussed within the readings of this week. I do personally believe that this much interaction can sometimes be bad but based on evidence it is a good mix of both because it shows how many youths stop committing juvenile acts completely and others continue to break laws. The biggest role that this type of discretion plays is that it as stated earlier it is another way for youths to be put back into society and not have to worry about potentially being labeled, which is something that is very harmful to anyone once labeled.


Miller, L. (2014). Juvenile crime and juvenile justice: Patterns, models, and implications for clinical and legal practice doi://

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 Personally I believe that there are not too many incidents of the police being called  to juvenile problems in this world today. If the police are called out to do something that involves the juvenile then that is a good thing to help that juvenile before they get of age where they are an adult. Juveniles nowadays look up to people that are in the streets and doing bad, also they are born in the environment so that is all they know growing up. If people don’t call the police on juveniles because they think that they are young and it was OK then the environment will only get worse. Juveniles think it is cool to be a criminal so they will continue to do so and as another child comes along they see it happening so they were follow in those footsteps. In that case the police being called is actually a good thing because it shows that people actually care about the younger kids and some people want to change them and if no one cares it would be a very bad society in the future. The juvenile system will continue to grow and police will see more of the action and get more calls as life goes on. Discretion is defined as the freedom to decide what should be done on a particular situation. To me this is a big deal because most people sometimes decide not to call the police or some do decide and that will determine the outcome of the situation. Also officer sometimes get to choose whether they take the juvenile into custody or to take them to their residence for the parents to handle it. This is a big deal because it can save their child’s life from a difference of with a  record or without one.