risk assessment 29

One of the essential skills every emergency manager must learn is the ability to develop a hazard and vulnerability assessment (HVA), as well as a threat and hazard identification and risk assessment (THIRA). This process involves a careful review of an entity to identify and prioritize all risks that entity faces. Once identified, each one is graded based on the likelihood of it happening as well as the impact an event would have on the facility, considering the facility’s capability and resilience.

Apply THIRA on a hospital of your choice, show clear depth of knowledge, assessment and understanding.

The FEMA Guide in the attachment really walks you through the steps of creating a THIRA. “please go through it to not have any conflict of what I want”

You will find in the attachment a THIRA template, that it is ready to fill in 😀 I believe that gonna make your work much much easier ^.^ you don’t have to create a hole new temple just fill and edit the same one.

Important notes:

1. Any falls informations, in other word, any plagiarize, I will immediately report the work. I do check the references.

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