short paper article chosen

There is one short paper at 3 pages of content (maximum), double space. Cover page & reference page separate. Choose an issue, topic or concern about policing that interests you and find an academic journal article about that issue. Your academic article must be from a peer reviewed journal between the years of 2012-2020 (I already chose an article it is attached below) which is Police Perceptions of Sexual Assault Victims .Use additional reference other reference sources in addition to your article for your paper.

Discuss the issue, topic and answer the following points:

1. What is the specific aim of the paper & article? Why did you choose this issue?

2. What are the important points in the article? Why do you think this is an important issue for policing?

3. What are the problems for policing with this issue?

Papers will be marked on the following criteria:

1. The content is organized with an introduction, discussion and conclusion, the paper is formatted correctly using APA, including a cover page, a reference page, in-text citations, and double-spaced,

2. The paper is well written, concise and your statements are backed up with references to the article and course material discussed in the class,

3. You answered the three points.

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