strategic management read the case and answer the questions

-Please find the case attached case now and the questions will be available to you tomorrow Thursday 19th 2 pm eastern time.

-You will receive the questions tomorrow (Thursday 19th, March) 2 pm eastern time and must submit by 4 pm eastern same day (Thursday 19th, March) **two hours period.

– You will have two hours period to submit the answers after i give you the questions.

– The max length of the test four pages.


*The following prompts are suggested to guide a review and discussion of these principles. Not the actual questions that will be given tomorrow

The case is ideal for demonstrating corporate-level strategy on a small scale, multidivisional organizational structures, and strategic leadership concepts. The following prompts are suggested to guide a review and discussion of these principles.

***** this link have the answers to the following prompts

– Characterize the type and level of diversification strategy employed by Luck Companies. Discuss the commonalities and differences of the company’s various divisions.

– Compare the different forms of the multidivisional structure for corporate-level strategies. Explain which form is most suited to meet the needs of Luck Companies.

– Evaluate Charles Luck’s ability to fulfill the strategic leadership responsibilities required of his position. Provide clear examples to support your assessment. Critique his handling of the unexpected events that occurred during the second phase of the company’s Value Journey.

– Describe Luck’s current five-year growth strategy and objectives. What tools and resources are in place to help the company to achieve its aggressive goals? What are the likely challenges the company will face in executing this strategy?

**Questions to consider:(all the questions for another cases but you may find it helpful while reviewing the case

1. Can you identify any problem areas that may develop as the company faces oncoming competitive forces?

2. Define Luck Companies tangible and intangible resources and discuss their value to the organization. Identify the capabilities and core competencies that o support the company’s competitive advantages.

3. What is Luck Companies (a)vision; (b) mission: (c) business-level strategy; (c) competitive strategy: (d) corporate-level strategy; and (e) merger and acquisition strategy.

4. Dose Luck Companies business formula focus more on the theory of the I/O model of above-average returns( external environment analysis) or on the resource-based model of above-average returns(internal environment)? Explain your response

Check this link can be helpful:


It will be about 4 question and you have to answer it fully ( about 150- 200 words for each question as needed to meet the requirement of the question)

Answer the questions separately ” not in essay format”

Easy level of writing and English

Write from perspective of international student

*** ill login before the 2 pm eastern time to make sure we are ready and give the question right after i receive it from the teacher. for now plz take your time to read the case and check the link to be ready.

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