summary of passage in the bible 1 kings chapters 11 14 1

This paper is about the kingdom split and needs to be 400-700 words long, double-spaced, with complete bibliographic documentation meeting the following requirements:

  1. Part One: Write one paragraph on the biblical book the passage is from in which you give an introduction to the ENTIRE book of 1 Kings as a whole. What do you need to know about the book to understand it? For example: what period of Israel’s history it describes, what is the overall story, theme, content of the book, etc. Use at least 1-2 source
  2. Part Two: Write 5 observations you make from the assigned text from the book which is Kings Chapters 11. This is your reaction to the book using the following guidelines. What do you think about the assigned biblical text? What do you see in the assigned biblical text? Please format these either in a numbered list or bullet points. Each observation must be 4-5 sentences in which you discuss the content of the text. Don’t “theologize” or try to describe what it means for us today. Just look at what is written on the page and make observations. A good rule of thumb is to write about the text in the third person.

The second part of the paper is your reaction to the assigned text in several paragraphs. Pay attention to the genre of your chosen text and choose the right questions from below to help you frame your thoughts. You do not have to answer all of the questions but use them as a guide for digging into the text. You will need to give proof that you read the entire assigned text and not just comment on the first few verses

  1. Grading Rubric:
    • Research/Introductory Material on Biblical Book: 15 points
    • Reaction to Assigned OT Text: 30 points
    • Grammar, Style, Citation: 5 points
    • Total: 50 points

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