The Americans with Disabilities Act

Please choose from one of the following topics:

•The Americans with Disabilities Act

•Discrimination against Christians in the Workplace

•Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967

The Research Paper shall not exceed five (5) pages in length not including the title page, abstract and references. BE AWARE, it is far more difficult to write a quality paper that is shorter in length. To help achieve the highest grade possible, before writing your paper, please assure that you have (1) carefully researched the issue to be studied (at least seven (7) scholarly or academic resources should be consulted, considering both sides of the issue identified); (2) carefully analyzed the pertinent issue; (3) removed any excess or unneeded verbiage; (4) proofread the paper for proper grammatical structure, (5) clearly, articulately, and concisely addressed the issue raised (this will require considerable time and thought on each student’s part); and (6) is formatted per APA guidelines. The Research Paper will emphasize CRITICAL THINKING, and will require incorporating into the analysis of the issue identified the various concepts discussed in class, in outside readings, and in the textbook.