thematic unit circle

  • Choose a general topic and not a time period or historical event; these are too broad. The goal is not to teach a collection of facts, BUT to help students grapple with several big understandings.
  • Select text set of 3–5 titles, websites, or a combination of the two relating to 1 topic for theme.
  • Select 1 of the 6 language arts to focus on for this unit.
  • Identify 2–3 language arts standards and grade level for this unit.
  • Create a chart, cluster, or concept web to show your literature focus unit by following the 9 steps below. Include a current APA-formatted reference page.
  • Step 1: Standards
  • Step 2: Text Set
  • Step 3: Textbooks
  • Step 4: Digital Resources
  • Step 5: Vocabulary
  • Step 6: Learning logs
  • Step 7: Differentiation
  • Step 8: Projects
  • Step 9: Assessment

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