thesis statement assignment

Part 1: Read each essay question along with its two pre-written thesis statements. Of the

two thesis statements provided, identify which is the best and provide an explanation as to why it is the

best. Also, identify which thesis statement is inferior and provide an explanation as to why it is inferior or

fails to answer the prompt. The box below provides an example answer and explanation.

Part 2 Instructions: To start work on the essay due for Lesson 10, Irregular Warfare, determine which

essay question you will answer and check the circle to the left of the essay question by selecting it. Next,

develop a thesis statement and enter it in the thesis statement box below.

For part 2 I will pay for the essay later. Or now if need be, but I will not need it until 5 to 6 weeks from now. But I know it is probably best to do it all at once.

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