this is an writing hw in my linguistic class all the requirement are below in the text and the pdf

Directions: Use what you have learned about argumentative logic and language in this class, as well as your own observations, ideas, and experiences — and the sources that you have already analyzed in your homework assignments — to write an essay on the Official English debate.

Your essay should include the following items:

  • An introductory paragraph that describes the Official English movement and explains why it is so controversial. Do not include a thesis in the introduction; you will state your position in the final paragraph of the essay.
  • Two body paragraphs that present the arguments for each side. Begin each paragraph by stating the claim being made (either for or against Official English) and then offer at least FOUR strong reasons supporting each claim. Your paragraphs should include evidence from MOST IF NOT ALL of the texts you have already analyzed (you are not required to do additional research for this paper, but you can). Your presentation of each argument should be around 300 words (about 3/4 of a page, double-spaced) in length.
  • A concluding paragraph in which you begin by stating your position on the issue and then explain why you have taken that position. This paragraph should include an explanation of why the evidence for your side of the argument is stronger than the evidence for the other side (in other words, why are you right and why are they wrong?)
  • General Guidelines:

    Each use of material or ideas from one of the outside sources should be properly cited TWICE, with an in-text citation and on the works cited page.

    Failure to cite a source is plagiarism! If you plagiarize, you will receive a zero for the assignment.

    Use consistent formatting for your citations – MLA, APA, or another system that you are familiar with – throughout your essay.

    Give your essay a descriptive title – that means you will call it something different than “Essay #1”. You do not have to include a heading with your name, my name, etc. as the essay is submitted to Canvas

    Double-space and use a plain, black, 12 point font.

    Proofread your essay carefully and submit it to Canvas by the specified due date/time.

    Grading: Your assignment will be graded according to the rubric below. Note that this assignment is used to assess a course learning outcome; this assessment is based on your grade and is for reporting purposes only. The rating you receive has no effect on your assignment or your course grade.