This module discusses the definition of critical thinking and why it is so valuable.

 This module discusses the definition of critical thinking and why it is so valuable. We will explore how and why people often make bad decisions and what we can do to make better decisions.

Upon successful completion of Module 1, you will have:
Identified what critical thinking is.
Analyzed how and why people make bad decisions.
Discussed how too many choices can impede your decision making.
Identified ways in which you can improve your decision making skills.

  • Readings, Films, and VideosFor this module you will need to read the following chapters from the text Becoming A Strategic Thinker.

    Text: Chapter 1

    Videos: Watch all of the videos listed below.

    Articles: Read any articles listed below.
    Click on the titles of the videos and articles below to open the links.
  • Module Assessment Summary
  • Complete Journal entry 1 (see below). Students will keep the journal until it is due in Module 10.
  • Complete Discussion Board 1 (Select “Discussion Board on your left).
  • Module AssessmentHum 115 Journal

    Students will complete a journal of ten (10) entries of at least 300 words each related to each module’s journal assignment.
    • The journal must be in the correct order and each entry must be numbered.
    • Type the Journal in a Word document and save it all semester until you have completed the 10 assignments.
    • There will be a submission link for the Journal in Module 10.
    • This journal is 30 percent of your final grade for this course.  Each journal entry is worth 10 points. 
    • Students are expected to locate all required web sites.  Go to the library if you need help.
    • Student writing is expected to be coherent, grammatically correct, and mechanically-sound.  Points will be deducted for poor writing. 
    • All journal entries should be a minimum of 300 words in essay form.  
    • This is Journal Assignment # 1
      First, review all of the articles and videos in Module 1 and read Chapter 1 in your text.

      For Journal Assignment # 1 I want you to discuss three or more things you learned in this module on how to make better decisions. Refer to the source (article, video, text) by name as you write so I will see all three sources you are referring to. No citations are needed; just mention the sources in your writing.

      Focus on applying these ideas to your own thinking. Consider a few areas in which YOU wish you could make better decisions (we all have several). Write the journal entry as if you are just talking to me. A conversational tone is fine. Mention at least three of the articles or videos in this module as the source of the ideas you are discussing (and to prove you watched/read the material). Again, focus on how this material can be applied to your personal life.
      Your answers should be combined for one essay of at least 300 words. 

      NOTE: The course Journal will contain 10 entries (one per module). Students will keep the Journal and submit it in Module 10 at the end of the course. The submission link will be in Module 10.
      Plagiarism will result in a zero on assignments in this course. Learn how to avoid plagiarism (this article opens in a new window).

      For a better idea of how to format your journal, see the Sample Journal below.

  • Sample JournalAttached Files:
    •  SampleJournal.docx (33.883 KB)
    • This is a sample journal from a Com 110 course that I teach. 

      Review the attached sample journal here to see what a journal should like. This particular sample journal is from a communication course but your journal should be formatted in a similar way. Use this as a style and format reference (this is not a Hum 115 journal).
      This sample journal will show you how the journal entries should be typed in one document.
  • Article – What is Critical Thinking?URL:
  • Article – A Brief History of Critical ThinkingURL:
  • Video – Critical ThinkingURL:
  • Article – How We Can Make Better DecisionsURL:
  • Video – Are We in Control of Our DecisionsURL:
  • Video – Do You Think?URL:
  • Video – BBC Documentary of How We Make DecisionsURL:….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.2.174…0i8i30k1.0.oCycxh9PObo
  • Video – Why We Make Bad DecisionsURL:
  • Video – Mind Trick QuestionsURL:
  • Videos – How We DecideWatch any two from the top of this video list on Google.
  • Article – Tips on How to Make DecisionsURL: