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Strategic planning is the process where the organizational leaders purposefully look ahead into the future, outline goals for the organization and develop a process to reach these goal. The main trend in strategic planning, most recent that is, consumer based. This means that it is made by the level of satisfaction from the services that were given. Nurses plan all the time, they plan the order of the way they will see their patients assigned to them for their shift. For example they will who is the higher priority will be who is seen first, they have to distinguish who is a higher priority by their diagnosis , medications, an d level of care that they need. They can plan long term goals such as where to advance to in a career in five to ten years. To plan for future goals it is important to incorporate the factors of budgeting, the level of staff expertise, level of care provided, and time. Using strategical planning nurses are setting priorities, focus on energy, and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal and a common outcome or result is agreed upon, along with assessing the staff response in changes and adjust what needs to be adjusted.

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