tracking your behavior

For this assignment, you will create a tracking system for your outcome goal and your behavioral goals. You may use the attached samples as a starting point, but you will need to tailor them to fit your project. You will begin tracking your goals the day after this tailored sheet is submitted, and you will track your behavior each day for four weeks.

Your tracking sheet should:

1. Be clear and simple for you to fill out

2. Include specific behaviors that you will track on a regular basis

3. Include some type of assessment system (such as a daily rating system) that will indicate how you are doing with your behavior each day.

4. Include a place where you will briefly record the Processes of Change that you are using to help you meet your goal.

Please also include a 1 page paper with the following: List your outcome and behavioral goals. Explain how you will use your tracking system. When will you do your tracking? Where will you do it? What will you do to ensure that you fill it out on a regular basis? How will you remind and motivate yourself?

All in all, for this current assignment, you will submit two (2) items:

1. A blank copy of your tailored tracking sheet (which is what you will then use and fill out for the next four weeks), and

2. Your 1 page paper described directly above