week 4 topics assignment

Finance Class –

Forum Topic Responses: One comprehensive forum topic is assigned weekly. Students are required to research their selected forum topic, using a minimum of 2 reference sources in addition to the text book, and then compile a 500-word response to the forum topic no later than Day 2 of the week. APA format is required. Submit your forum topic response through the link in Assignments, for grading.

Comprehensive, forum topic response contributions will be critically graded on the thought quality of the response, work effort, research, and analysis.

Select one of the following forum topics to research and write about.

Week 4 Forum Topics:

-Opportunity Costs


-Net Present Value

-Internal Rate of Return

Discussion Forum: Students are expected to actively participate in the in the forum discussion. A minimum of 2 substantive participation posts (150-250 words) is required to earn full participation points.

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