Were you able to match the ‘Seed Analyst Purity Results

Discussion 1

As you have learned this week, four critical environmental factors affect seed germination (water, temperature, air, and light). Please conduct a scientific literature search and locate a peer-reviewed journal article that further describes the environmental impact on seed germination of a species of your choice. After finding a relevant article, compose a summary of the journal article and attach a copy of the article with your initial post. What was the most interesting fact/result you learned from the journal article you summarized?

Be sure to complete a minimum of two peer interaction posts.

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Discussion 2

Lab #4, regarding seed germination and viability testing, is one of my favorite activities in this course. I’d like you to share your experience and results from Lab #4 with your classmates. What seeds did you germinate? What were your conclusions? Post at least one picture you took during Lab #4 (i.e. your results, etc.).

Discussion 3

Please take a few minutes to review this course (CROP 420/520) and complete the following:

1. Describe whether you enjoyed the Seed Purity simulation from Lab #3. Did the activity seem to work for you? Were you able to match the ‘Seed Analyst Purity Results?’ Do you have any suggestions for how this simulation could be improved to help you comprehend seed physical purity testing?

2. What is one lecture, activity, etc. that you did NOT enjoy in CROP 420/520? How could this activity be improved?

3. Do you have any other comments or suggestions about how the CROP 420/520 course materials, design, or delivery could be enhanced to improve your learning experience?

Please NOTE that as long as you meet the requirements for the discussion board rubric (i.e. answering all parts of the question, turning your initial post and peer posts in by the deadline, and providing at least 2 peer interaction posts) you will receive the full extra credit for this discussion board. We guarantee that your comments will in NO way influence your grade in this course! If you still feel hesitant to complete this discussion board, please send your instructors an email requesting an alternative 10-point extra credit assignment.

For your participation in these optional discussion boards, you can earn up to 10 points per week