What are some of the technical challenges of a telemedicine project?

Telemedicine projects have been successfully undertaken for over  fifty years, from the most basic use of a telephone to transmit medical  data to complex applications within the extreme environments of Earth.

Today, telemedicine enables physicians to provide opinions  concerning a patient’s medical condition within a physically separated  environment.

To prepare for this discussion, read the following in your course text Health Information: Management of Strategic Resource:





Consider the technical challenges and cost-saving benefits associated with telemedicine. Then, answer the following questions:

  • What are some of the technical challenges of a telemedicine project?
  • How might telemedicine-based services impact the overall  cost of health care delivery? What cost savings can be realized with  telemedicine in industries, both inside and outside of health care?
  • How does the choice of telecommunications conduit, such  as broadband, Wi-Fi Satellite, etc. affect what can be done through  telemedicine? How have advances in computer- and network-related  hardware impacted the spread of telemedicine projects worldwide?
  • What might be a future application of telemedicine?

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