.What are the 4 basic resources that managers in health care environment have to accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization?

6.An example of how nonverbals can REGULATE communication would be:

b- Closing your eyes and covering your mouth with your hand when telling the nurse you feel nauseous


c- Quickly placing your hand over your two-year-old’s mouth to stop her from telling your mother-in-law how her breath smells like “poop

8.Melissa is preparing to complete a physical therapy evaluation on Mrs. Ruffner who had a left hip replacement two days ago. According to Mrs. Ruffner’s medical chart, she is only 50 years-old, and was healthy, active and independent before her surgery. However, when Melissa enters the patient’s room, she observes Mrs. Ruffner grimacing in pain, her skin is cold and clammy, she is short of breath, and tells Melissa that she may vomit at any moment. The best course of action for Melissa to take would be to:

A- Complete the physical therapy evaluation as quickly as possible, avoiding any unnecessary movement of the patient, so the evaluation form can be placed in the medical chart

B- Leave Mrs. Ruffner’s room and immediately verbally report these physical changes and the patient’s complaints directly to the nurse who is responsible for Mrs. Ruffner’s daily medical care

C- Document the following in the patient’s medical chart “Physical therapy evaluation attempted this date, however, patient presented with numerous physical complaints and illness. Nursing immediately informed of patient’s declined physical condition. Will perform evaluation as patient’s medical condition improves.”

D- Both b and c

15.What are the 4 basic resources that managers in health care environment have to accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization?

A. Financial

B. Material

C. Informational

D. Contractual

E. Directional

F. Human

A, B, C, F or  A, B, C, D ????



16. All of the following are found in a formal organization except:

A-  Focuses more on the behavioral style of management

B-     Focuses more on the classical style of management

Aliza is a new graduate in occupational therapy and is now working in an outpatient clinic. She believes that one of her patients would benefit from electrical stimulation to get muscle movement in his right arm. Aliza has never been formally trained in using this modality and tries it on the patient anyway. The patient asks “Are you sure you know what you are doing?,” and then makes a complaint to Aliza’s supervisor. When Aliza’s supervisor approaches her about this, Aliza takes responsibility for her actions and follows the supervisor’s recommendation on taking a continuing education course on electrical stimulation. This is an example of what core health care value?

20.In the question above, if Aliza had caused a tissue burn to her patient because of her lack of skill in using electrical stimulation, she would have violated which principle of medical ethics?

A- Autonomy

b- Beneficence


d-All of the above


6.When discussing a Patient’s Bill of Rights in class we reviewed the case of Terri Schiavo. Her situation could have been resolved more quickly if prior to her hospitalization she would’ve -expresssed her desires against extraordinary measures to prolong her life, -assigned someone to make care decisions for her when she was unable, and-created a plan concerning type of treatment she wanted. These ideas correspond to which of the following specific terms:

A. medical advice

B. informed consent

C. living will

D. ombudsmen

E. health care power of attorney

F. advanced directive

C, D, E or C, E, F ????