What are the Key Success Factors that will affect the ability of the CHIPOTLE to survive?

Final Exam – Case due 5/5 -Represents 20% of grade. THE EXAM IS WORTH 20 POINTS.

TIMED: Use Strategy concepts and theories (specify SWOTT analysis) to substantiate your answers. THE RUBRIC FINAL EXAM CASE 2019 (IN THE DOCUMENT SHARING FILES) CONTAINS THE METRICS, MEASUREMENTS, CRITERIA AND REQUIRMENTS FOR EVALUATING THIS EXAM. STRONGLY ADVISE THAT YOU REVIEW THIS RUBRIC PRIOR TO BEGINNING THE EXAM. It always amazes me when a student never reviews the Rubric for the assignment as it will present the standards, requirements and expectations for the grading of the assignment. For instance, please note in this Rubric that the following is stated: “Grading of each exam question lacking an Appendix will automatically begin at 3.5 points before other deductions are made for deficits not included within the submittal” And one might ask why for the 30% value of an Appendix. The answer is if one cannot summarize what they have written in a graph, chart or illustration; then, they do not understand what they have written!!!!

Also, please note below the requirements of 4 questions which by deduction means there will be required 4 Appendices!!

It will be essay. It will have 4 questions and a minimum 4 pages per questions for a minimum total of 16 pages of text and maximum page requirement of FULL-page TEXT. These sixteen pages do not include Cover Sheet, Table of Contents, Reference page or the 4 separate and independent Appendices. Please review the Rubric Final Exam Case 2019 in the Document Sharing files. It will be due on Sunday, May the 5th by 11:59pm (the last day of class). No exceptions and/or extensions will be granted for any reasons because of the length of time that has been given for its completion- 14 days.

Submission Folder Week Sixteen

It will be posted on Monday morning (April 22nd) at 8:00am at the beginning of Week Fifteen, no sooner or later; so, students should plan their schedules accordingly.

Case Exam – Instructions (due Sunday, May the 5th)

Before you begin the Exam and/or Case Analysis you should conduct extensive External and Internal Research on Chipotle Mexican Grill!!!!! Utilize Strategy Concepts and Techniques for Crafting and Executing Strategy that are presented within your textbook.


The following four questions and their related answers required the utilization of Strategy Concepts and Techniques for Crafting and Executing Strategy that have been presented within your textbook. Please answer the following four Case Exam questions:

1. What are the Key Success Factors that will affect the ability of the CHIPOTLE to survive? Identify these Key Success Factors and how they can be applied to retain customers and “weather” the crisis?

2. How do the CHIPOTLE’s present SWOTs address the threats from the present crisis? Identify the SWOTs and provide solutions as to how to return to profitability?

3. What are the current ethical standards confronting CHIPOTLE and how can they be applied to ensure Social Responsibility and Sustainability?

4. What type of Best Practices might be structured and what types of controls implemented to regain the customer’s confidence in CHIPOTLE’s products?

Areas that need to be researched in order to provide data and information for answering the above questions would include

****Technology and process changes impacting the fast food industry.

***** Government Regulation of the fast food industry

******Criteria and actions that must be proven to regain consumer confidence in a company’s products that have suffered extensive negative media attention.

Submittal of exam should be in APA format. Please refer to APA Template in the Document Sharing files.

Submittal of the Case Exam should be in the Week Sixteen Submission Folder prior to 11:59pm on May the 5th.


Turnitin tool:

The assignments of the Final Exam Case will be reviewed by the research tool Turnitin. Instructor’s cut-off acceptance is less than 25%. If your submittal reflects a Turnitin percentage higher than 25%, then the assignment will be viewed and graded as a plagiarism submittal and assigned zero points. Accordingly, you should avoid any cut and paste and write your assignment in your own words. Avoid multiple words and continual words within a phrase, sentence, or paragraph from reference sources which will activate the Turnitin indicator of use of other authors or sources of copyrighted work. Also, avoid cut and paste from previous course assignments as this will also increase your turnitin percentage. To review your work and the percentage calculation, post your submittal earlier than the cut-off date and time. It will reflect the percentage. Therefore, if you have a high percentage you can rework and replace sentences, etc. into your own words. Then, post your assignment again prior to the cut-off date and time. Instructor will grade the last posted submittal prior to the cut-off day and time. Any submittal posted after the cut-off date and time will not be graded. If the late submittal is the only submittal, then accordingly it will be assigned zero points. Thus, submit early instead of waiting until the “last minute.” Also, please do not email me as to why your percentage is greater than 25%. All you have to do is click on the “color” of Turnitin and it will list all the sources/reasons as to why your percentage is causing the over 25% and you can go back and correct your causes of the percentage. Please review the Undergraduate Student Handbook on the potential consequences of submitting a second submittal that is labeled plagiarism