What can people do to maximize the likelihood that they will age well?

Respond to the following items. Be sure to reference your resources as appropriate.

  • 1. “Successful      aging” is a major concept in gerontology today.   What is meant      by the term “successful aging”? How do factors such as      temperament, genetics, age, gender, health, social relationships,      race/ethnicity, health behaviors, and socioeconomic status influence      successful aging? What can people do to maximize the likelihood that they      will age well?
  • 2. What      is Intergenerational Conflict? How do you see this playing out in our      society? Explain, and make reference to themes from the reading.
  • 3. How do  gender and racial bias threaten the well-being and health of older adults?      Be sure to provide specific examples from your reading and cite your      sources appropriately.

2 pages.


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