When you see someone do a really good deed, do you feel something? What exactly? Where in your body do you feel it?

Week 2 Journal

Your Task

In 250-300 words create a journal entry that addresses the following two topics:

A brief analysis of what you have learned from this week’s readings and activities.  Within the body of your journal entry, clearly identify each segment of the required response.

A.  Emotions are a fact of life for humans. They help us identify and interpret the events occurring in our lives.  For this task you will record your responses as they occur in 2-minute intervals as you watch the following 8-minute video.  That is, you are to pause the video when it hits the 2, 4, 6, and 8-minute markers, recording your answers at each pause period. 

Part 1: Careful Observations:  On a piece of paper draw the following table (or copy and paste into your favorite word processing program and then print out):

Time Markers

Physiological Responses

Think about what you are feeling physically:  heart rate, muscle tension level, body position in your chair, etc.

Cognitive Responses

What are you thinking at this moment? What thoughts, choices, or decisions are you running through your mind?


label your current emotion(s)


(record state of being before starting the video)

Start video


2 minutes:

pause the recording:

Record your response states, label your emotion(s).

4 minutes

6 minutes

8 minutes

The end:

What do you think?

Part 2: Your Experiences: We have a wide range of emotions available to us. As discussed by Daniel Goleman, and your Chapter 3 readings, it is how we manage these emotions that is important. Emotional intelligence is an indicator of how capable we are in managing and working with our emotive self.  As the first segment of your journal entry, provide a summary of the variety of physiological and cognitive responses you experienced during and after watching the video.  What did you notice?  What changed as the video progressed?  How did these experiences translate into the emotions you labeled during and after the video?

B.  Be Happy – Segment two of your journal entry:  Applying concepts you have gleaned from this week’s readings AND the Gilbert and Gladwell’s TedTalks videos, respond to one of the following two questions.  Which one is your choice. 

1. When you see someone do a really good deed, do you feel something? What exactly? Where in your body do you feel it? Does it make you want to do anything?

2. Why can’t I get happy just by getting rid of problems?