Which tools would you utilize in order to obtain statistically significant results?

 Infection control is an important aspect of health. Which tools would you utilize in order to obtain statistically significant results? 

The project seeks to implement a program which will facilitate change in healthcare units. A research question relevant to this project is, is there a need to look into the current specialized nursing to facilitate better transition care in hospitals? This study question will require a researcher to look into data after which they will analyze it. The study will further detail the researcher’s experiences during the survey. The specific method proposed for use in this study is a classic approach. This design requires more observation during collection of data. The Qualitative research method selected requires a long time in collection of data. Additionally, the method requires more resources as compared to other methods. Irrespective of this weakness, the method is systematic thus any results obtained are accurate. The researcher can also choose to participate in the survey or obtain data through passive observation. The data obtained is also precise and detailed.

         Infection control is a practice which would require application of a mixed method of research. This means that the researcher would use a combination of quantitative and qualitative research. The two methods complement each other by adding depth and width to the information obtained. The biggest strength of this method is the ability to use triangulation. This means that the method allows the researcher to apply different perspectives to look into a similar question. Additionally, the researcher can understand both context and interpretation of data. Nonetheless, this method of research applies a complex design. Applying this design correctly is in most cases hard thus resulting into botched results. Additionally, the design method requires a lot of time together with resources. This makes it difficult to implement this method (Brady & Byrne, 2016)


Brady, A.-M., & Byrne, G. (2016). An overview of mixed methods research – revisited. Journal of Research in Nursing, 257-260.

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