Work Life Balance in Middle Adulthood: A Psychological Perspective.

 2 Psychology Papers / 5 full pages EACH / USE AT LEAST 6 JOURNAL ARTICLES/ Research-Supported / No plagiarism / APA style

Topic 1:  Work Life Balance in Middle Adulthood: A Psychological Perspective.

Topic 2: Successful Aging in the Twenty First Century (Late Adulthood): Challenges and Opportunities

Sub Topics

Introduction with research questions,topic sentence, clear arguments) 

Conceptual framework: explore the particular level of development e.g (middle adulthood) and then the issue at hand (work-life balance)

Literature Review

Findings and Discussions


Critical Reflection

Instructions for Human Development Project

This written assignment is required not only to enhance your learning opportunities in Psychology, but to utilize and improve your writing skills.  The ability to communicate in written form will serve you in your future academic work, increase your career marketability, and hopefully enhance your chances of survival in an increasingly complex society.  It is hoped that this written assignment will broaden your exposure to, arouse your interest in, and increase your knowledge of psychology.

Include also your reflection, diversity factors in your paper.

General research: physical and /or, cognitive and/or, psychological and/or , personality , and/or  social  development (one or more characteristics) during this stage 

Middle Adulthood


Late Adulthood

Creativity is encouraged in completing this project. After you have received my approval on a topic, you are asked to write 5 to 6 pages typed double spaced research/reaction paper with a reference section of 6 resources or more (hard copy or electronic version) worth up to 190 points.

You need to include also your reflection, diversity factors in your paper.

APA format is required. For your citation you can use the following link from CCBC library webpage:

Encyclopedias are NOT acceptable resources for a College level research paper. Using only internet sources is NOT acceptable

You can use books, book chapters, and journal articles as reference material for your paper. I will be happy to suggest resources. If your local library does not have a collection of journals, you can use the CCBC Libraries electronic databases.  CCBC libraries have the computerized search program of the American Psychological Association, “Psyc INFO,” database that assists you in identifying relevant journal articles, books, and book chapters.