write a film report about a page long

Film: Everybody Street – a documentary about the genre of Street

Photography in New York City

This full length film features roughly 10 photographers who make pictures on the streets of the City. Some have international fame, like Mary Ellen Mark, Bruce Gilden, Elliot Erwitt and Bruce Davidson, and the rest only slightly less so. I do not think you will be bored by the film- rather, I have found that a number of people get inspired by it. I would have liked to watch it with you…The film is available on You Tube.

Assignment: In your response to the film, address the presentations of the 3 photographers who made the most impression on you (it doesn’t necessarily need to be their work that you felt closest to). As far as you can tell from the film, what are the main challenges that these photographers face while making pictures. How do they ‘deal’ with people? Refer to the film please when making points. Just keep your writing simple and to the point.

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