Write A Legal Audit Paper 8 Pages (At Least 4 References)

In this 6 to 8 page paper, you will address one aspect of how the law impacts a particular organization. You will select a business (profit or non-profit) to evaluate, such as any company with which you are familiar (i.e., family business, current or former employer, friend’s business,etc.). You must interview a person within the organization having knowledge about at least one legal aspect of the business (i.e., contracts, contract formation, risk allocation, HR and/or employee relations, intellectual property, dispute resolution, etc.).

The primary purpose of the paper is for you to learn in more detail about one area of law and how the organization complies with the law or handles legal risk. Your paper should generally include the following (generally a good paper structure; yet, not necessarily in this order):

  1. Describe the organization, including a brief summary of its history and nature of operations.
  2. Identify the person you interviewed and their role in the organization (i.e., Counsel, Human Resource manager, Union leader, Compliance Officer, Insurance Agents, Managers handling state/federal regulators, Small Business Owners, etc.).
  3. Explain the area of law (and related ethical considerations) you are discussing and how they impact the organization. You may need to do additional reading.
  4. Discuss the particulars of your legal (and ethical) area of focus. For example, if your area of focus concerns contracts, explain the contracts used in the organization, how they are developed, revised, executed, approved and kept for compliance purposes, etc. Please alsoconsider if and how the organization determines they are “right” (i.e., in terms, provisions,formation, interpretation, enforcement, etc.)?
  5. Illustrate your discussion with particular examples of legal and ethical compliance or challenges faced by the organization in this area. For example, do their contracts have dispute resolution clauses and how have they been applied?
  6. Give your analysis and opinion about how this organization has addressed its legal (and ethical) risks in this area, what they’re doing well or poorly, what risks they still face andwhat you might recommend, etc.
  7. In your investigation, what did you learn about the law (and ethics) in business and relate your paper to at least one topic discussed in class.

Note – some organizations may not want to disclose current legal issues or risks to you. If so, you may discuss more general possible legal risks. Please do not include any information the organization considers confidential.