Write about one topic from each of the listed below.


· Write about one topic from each of the listed below. Opinion is fine but it should be supported with information from the textbook or an outside source.

· Do not use direct quotes/verbatim information in your essay. Paraphrase any information you borrow from the textbook or outside source. Provide citation for outside sources.

· For most questions, write about the equivalent of 1 to 1.5 double spaced pages. Content is more important than quantity so keep writing until the topic(s) are adequately discussed.

Topics #1

· What are the characteristics of the formal operational stage?

· Which status of identity would be most closely linked to an authoritarian style of parenting?

Topics #2

· Briefly describe the three major types of love. 

· Does cohabitation influence marital satisfaction? Discuss the possible reasons for this.  

General Guidelines for Written Assignments:

· Integrate chapter terms/concepts: define them in your own words (paraphrase), integrate the terms with your own thoughts/give examples.

· Write as though your essay will be read by a novice (someone who knows nothing about your topic). This will force you to elaborate {write with specificity/clarity}.