you have to read this and work on some topics like establishing the budget marketing and critical path

    • **Timeline**
    • March 5th: to have rough content from everyone
    • March 12th-19th: refine/finalize all content as a team and have a cohesive presentation ready
  • Event Goals
    • To generate $500k to open up a new shelter in Greater Vancouver area for BC SPCA
    • Fundraising Gala
      • To be hosted in the spring
        • Suitable for hosting an outdoor dinner/event


Title Page

Company Name: Dogwood Events (include logo designed by Nozomu)

Event Name: Paws For A Cause Gala

Date: May 2nd, 2020

Venue: Cloverdale Recreation Centre

Letter of Introduction

Proposer: Dogwood Events

Client: BC SPCA

Dogwood Events was founded in 2010 and has designed, marketed, and executed exceptional trade shows, fundraisers, corporate and professional events to high standards. We are a small scale company built with a dynamic team full of talent and creativity, and our expertise lies in strategic planning and marketing of large scale events.

To whom it may concern,

Dogwood Events submits this Event Proposal in response to the request for proposal issued by the board of BC SPCA to define, conceptualize, budget, and manage the Paws for a Cause Gala for the New Shelter Project Campaign. Dogwood Event’s primary goals are to plan and execute fundraising strategies and campaign(s) to supplement BC SPCA’s overarching goal in generating $500,000 in gross revenues while developing new volunteer and sponsor relationships for the foundation. Further details are enclosed in this document to support this proposal.


The Paws for a Cause Gala is a unique one-off event to raise funds for BC SPCA to support the construction of a new shelter in the Greater Vancouver area, known as the New Shelter Project. This event is the last component of the 1-week fundraising campaign and will be open to the general public as well as companies and organizations that show interest in supporting BC SPCA’s project. The event is expected to bring in x amount of guests (we must determine the budgeting for this event to determine the guest count at which ticket price). Not only will BC SPCA benefit from a successful fundraising gala for the New Shelter Project, the foundation will also gain new connections with potential volunteers and sponsors for future events and projects. Below are 6 success factors for the strategic management of the Paws for a Cause Gala.

  • A Competent Team (internal; event planners, staff/volunteers for event, specialists, etc.)
    • It requires the right set of individuals within the event planning team that share the same passion, vision and dedication to achieve the client’s goals.
    • To ensure a successful event, it is imperative to recruit volunteers, staff and technicians that practice professionalism and quality customer service.
  • Marketing & Research
    • Proper research in areas such as the client’s target audience as well as potential sponsors and donors will be crucial towards building effective marketing strategies that will boost ticket sales and funding.
  • 1-Week Campaign
    • The success in Dogwood Event’s proposed 1-Week Campaign will raise funds and awareness of the Paws for a Cause Gala as well as BC SPCA’s New Shelter Project.
  • Sponsors & Donors
    • Obtaining relevant sponsors and donors will help fund the Paws for a Cause Gala.
  • Budgeting
    • Sticking to a budget/spending plan will allow for Dogwood Events to make the best out of revenue resources profitable.
  • The Venue and Experience
    • Securing a suitable venue that can hold the expected guest count as well as one that meets the standards for the gala is critical to host a successful event.
    • Ensuring that guests have a good experience is also crucial.


In order to evaluate our event we will focus on a guest email evaluation that will be done 24 hours post event, apart from any media coverage from small local papers such as the Cloverdale Reporter. Dogwood Events will email guests that purchased tickets to take part in an online survey that will evaluate if the event was successful in meeting the team’s goals.

The following questions will be asked.

  1. Was the location of the event easy for you to access?
  2. Was the price of the ticket justified by your experience?
  3. Will you be visiting the new BC SPCA shelter upon opening?
  4. Did you learn new information about the BC SPCA?
  5. Would you recommend Event planners to a friend?
  6. Did the event succeed your expectations? If not please tell us why?
  7. Will you be adopting an in future?
  8. Did food and beverage meet your standards?
  9. Would you attend an event for BC SPCA again?
  10. Did the event have a good atmosphere?

By asking the following questions in a survey this will allow our team to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and help us ecsiquet our next event with the feedback given by our guests to provide a better experience in future events.


5. DATE, & VENUE (Sarah)

Due to the opening date of the new shelter being sometime in mid July we want the date for the fundraiser to be closer to the opening so the event can remain fresh in the guests mind. Dogwood Events has selected to have the Gala dinner on May 2nd in the large gymnasium of the Cloverdale Recreation Centre because of the community centre’s capacity and location. The Cloverdale Reccentres location is extremely easy to get to if you are coming off of highway 1 when traveling from outside of Surrey or Langley the gym can also hold over 200 guests. The main gymnasium at Cloverdale rec centre is a large space that can allow for decor ideas to be endless really bringing our theme vision to life. It’s a new state of the art facility with perks such as separate kitchen spaces for caters and provided tables and chairs. When comparing it to the Surrey Nature Centre that is located close to Green Timbers park out of the way for anyone who isn’t local as well as low capacity requirements of 50 which would make ticket prices high. We decided on the evening of Saturday May 2nd because of it distance from May 16th which falls on a long weekend. During this weekend the Cloverdale Rodeo will be taking place and the Cloverdale Recreation Centre will be in use for the Rodeo and possible gala attendees could be going out of town bringing attendance down.


*… for budget*

*600 people* at $100= 60,000

Money from auction goes toward 500,000 estimate hwo much each donation is worth= $200 each donation item

Revenue Streams:

  1. Ticket Sales
    1. General admission/VIP tickets will be a constituent of revenue streams while VIP ticket sales will also be targeted towards companies that share a parallel market as BC SPCA.
  2. 1-Week Campaign
    1. Movie night
    2. Wine night
    3. Yoga with cats?
    4. Doggy Day Care
    5. Community Runs
    6. Volunteer recruitment
    7. Spaw day for your pets




Dog Taxi Daycare & Dog Hotel


  1. Cbc/Bell Media


  • Production Schedule
    • (in progress)
  • Floor Plan
    • (in progress)
  • Insurance, permits and licenses
  • Staffing/volunteering positions (+ required number of people)
    • Security (must have their First Aid + CPR)
    • Photographer
    • DJ
    • MC/Host
    • Volunteers
      • Checking-in/ticket-sales
      • Ushers/information (guidance to tables)
      • Set-up & tear-down
      • Photographer
      • Parking Assistant?


About our company

Dogwood Events are specialised in managing various kinds of fundraising events for animals in Canada. We manage and organise Gala dinner, community run, movie night, and other entertainment throughout the country. Our mission statement is to help animals with their lives and lights by producing and managing fundraising events with our clients in the community. We have had lots of experience of fundraising and working with clients to achieve their goals. Our fundraising events also have saved many animals in our community. Dogwood Events was established in 1990, and we have produced and managed more than 750 fundraising events for animals in Canada. We have achieved some awards such as Frederic A. McGrand Achievement Award of Humane Canada and Best Fundraising Event of Regional Event Awards in our history.

Our Leadership Team


Sales Director

Creative Director

General Manager

Organising Manager

Past Event

  • Produced national fundraising conference of Humane Canada
  • Event management for Paws for a Cause Walk of BC SPCA
  • Produced fundraising movie night for Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue


“I think that Dogwood Events is a wonderful organisation. They helped us hold our bid fundraising conference in 2019. I appreciate their kind support for us.”

– Barbara Cartwright, Chief Executive Officer of Humane Canada

“I am thankful for Dogwood Events to organise our walk event for animals. I feel that Dogwood Events really values and takes care of the animals in our community.”

– Craig Daniell, chief executive officer of BC SPCA

“Dogwood Events have been playing an important role to support and protect animal’s right and safety. I am sure that their fundraising events would be successful and helpful in improving the safe environment for the animals of any kind in the community.”

– Emily Pickett, Campaign Director of Vancouver Humane Society


Contents Page

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  2. Letter of Introduction x
  3. The Event Defined x
  4. Event Evaluation
  5. Theme Concept (& Creative Brief, include moodboard)