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Fact Sheet, Infographic, and Public Service Announcement Assignment

HLTH 4011 | Fall 2018

Overview: You will compile a 2-page referenced fact sheet concerning the epidemiology of a health topic

or health-related event (with references following APA formatting listed on the third page). The audience

for this fact sheet is the general public. To reach more people using different avenues, you will also create

an infographic and a radio or television public service announcement.

All parts of this Portfolio (i.e., fact sheet, infographic, and PSA) are due before 11:59 pm on November

20, 2018.

Topic approval: Topic preferences must be approved via the discussion board in the Blackboard course.

This discussion board will go live on August 27 at 8:00 am, and you will need to have your topic posted

with the topic in the subject line and five references in the body of the discussion post.

• All health topics are available on a first come, first serve basis. This means that two students will not be creating projects that address the same health topic.

• Post your desired topic in the discussion board by creating a new thread in the forum and including the health topic in both the subject line and the body of the message. You will also need to include

five REPUTABLE references with information about your topic that you could use for your


• This discussion board posting is required and will be graded. Make sure to review all other discussion posts before you post so you do not post a duplicate health topic. If you post a duplicate

topic, if you forget the five references in your post, or you do not post your topic in the subject line,

you will lose points, and if you do not post a topic by the due date, you will earn a score of zero (0).

Portfolio Submission: You will need to present these products in a discussion board that can be found in

the “Health Topics Portfolio Assignment” folder in the “Course Modules” part of the online class. When

you post the content to the discussion board, you will need to do the following:

• Provide a short, one-paragraph description of the topic and what you did

• Include your fact sheet as an attachment to the post

• Post your infographic as an image in the discussion board post

• Include a hyperlink to youtube where you uploaded your PSA.

In addition to posting this information in the discussion board, you will need to submit ONE PDF document

that contains your fact sheet, infographic, and a youtube link where you uploaded your PSA. To be eligible

to receive full credit, you MUST submit these items in the discussion board AND via the assignment link as

ONE PDF document on or before November 20, 2018.

Informational Fact Sheet

Content: Your fact sheet will be graded for the following content areas:

• DEFINITION/DESCRIPTION of the health topic


o Prevalence and/or incidence rates/figures (e.g., statewide, nationwide, worldwide) (Note: If rates are not available [e.g., a sporadic disease] indicate why & discuss the incidence rates

and/or mortality rates observed in recent outbreaks.)

• EPIDEMIOLOGICAL DETERMINANTS of the health topic o Descriptive epidemiology: Who is at risk (if available, include relevant statistics)

▪ Persons, places, and/or times (examples include age, race, gender, SES, living in a certain geographic region, exposure, seasons)

o Symptoms o Correlates if applicable (i.e., what other health topics or health-related events are associated

with this one)

• OTHER PERTINENT CONTENT concerning the health topic o Consequences (if different from symptoms and/or correlates) o Diagnostic criteria (i.e., how it is diagnosed), if applicable o Transmission, if applicable o Prevention, if applicable o Treatment, if applicable o Inclusion of relevant images; e.g., images of someone with the disorder o Resources (national and local) for help and more information for North Carolina

residents/Eastern North Carolina residents

▪ Include relevant and specific contact information

Writing and formatting: Your fact sheet will be graded for length, formatting, appearance, concise

writing, quality of writing, and organization of information

• ASSIGNMENT LENGTH, FORMATTING, AND APPEARANCE o Two (2) full pages (with at least five [5] references listed on the third page) o Use of 1.0 inches or less for all margins (top, bottom, left, and right) o Font size no more than 12 o Professional appearance (e.g., appropriate spacing) o Inclusion of relevant images

• CLEAR AND CONCISE WRITING o Avoid large paragraphs of text and excessive spacing o Include headings and introductory sentences for categories/sections o Employ bullets and sub-bullets for categories, sub-categories, and lists o Incorporate consistent formatting

• QUALITY OF WRITING o Review your document for typographical and grammatical errors, consistent use of tense, and

sentence construction

o Evidence of copying and pasting from source material will result in significant point loss

• ORGANIZATION OF INFORMATION o Information should be logical, consistent, and easy-to-follow o Headers should be used to help the reader transition to new topics

In-text citations and References page: Your fact sheet will be graded for appropriate and consistent use of

in-text citations and an accurate References page. In addition, both the in-text citations and References

page need to adhere to the 6th edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) citation guide.

Further, the quantity and credibility of sources is a component of grading; do not use Wikipedia, about.com,

news stories, or personal blogs.

• Follow APA style for in-text citations and the References page

• Incorporate a minimum of five (5) credible sources into the content of your fact sheet o Credible sources include peer-reviewed journals and credible websites (e.g., CDC, American

Cancer Society)

o Different pages from the same web source are NOT counted as separate sources o References cited in the “Resources for help/More information” section do NOT count

towards the five minimum references

• The instructor reserves the right to request hard copies of all cited sources to verify their authenticity and appropriate use. Failure to submit sources upon request will result in a zero (0) on the


Infographic Presentation

An infographic is a visual image used to represent data or information. Infographics are used in public

health to educate the public on a variety of topics. In addition to developing a fact sheet, you will create a

corresponding infographic and present it to the class in a discussion forum. The content of your infographic

should come directly from your fact sheet. Your infographic presentation will need to be your original work

and cannot be taken from another source. The infographic will be graded for appearance, content, and


Make sure to highlight the main points from your fact sheet. These should include at least a description of

disease, epidemiological distribution, epidemiological determinants, prevention, treatment, and national and

local resources.

Here are a couple links that contain more information about infographics:

• Information about infographics and examples from the CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/socialmedia/tools/InfoGraphics.html

• There are a few free tools to help you create an infographic; however, I do not want you to use these as the final product is usually very boring and does not integrate the information into the images

well. Consider using a program you already have on your computer (e.g., powerpoint, word, etc.)

rather than having to buy any expensive resources to create the infographic.

Public Service Announcement

The last part of your project will include a 30-second (up to 60 seconds) audio-visual public service

announcement (PSA) that can be played as a tv commercial. Please create a PSA that creatively covers

important information about your health topic (e.g., a skit, dramatization with pictures, etc.). Please include

content you used in your fact sheet and infographic. The point of the PSA is to disseminate additional

information to the general public using a different method. You will need to upload your video file to

youtube and submit this youtube hyperlink as part of your portfolio.

Last updated 8/2018http://www.cdc.gov/socialmedia/tools/InfoGraphics.html

Please read instruction carefully ..looking for A+ work

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