all the instructions is there please complete properly

The memorandum written on the subject discussed during the News Hour should

1. state the date the broadcast was produced, describe the subject discussed, name the expert(s) providing information about the issue, who the expert(s) represent, summarize the points the subject matter expert(s) makes about the issue, and, then give your conclusion about the issue as you evaluate the information provided about the issue. Experts and topic must be a segment other than “Politics Monday” with Amy Walter and Tamara Keith or the interview on Friday that includes Shields & Brooks or any combination of Brooks & Shields with another commentator such as Michael Gerson. The panels with Walter & Keith are on Mondays; Brooks & Shields are conducted every Friday.

It is important that your analysis be based on well thought out positions that are not based on political ideology. Whether you agree or disagree with the politics surrounding the subject, your personal political positions should not be included in an objective paper unless your position is supported by facts of the issue being studied. Notice I said facts and did not say statements not supported by facts. What is relevant to discussion in your paper are the facts about a political issue, the optimum means to address the issue, how issues are managed by our political institutions, and conclusions you reach about how the issue assists in explaining the field of public administration.

you only can cite from the link and follow the rubric and the format I attached

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