Everyone is looking for ways to save money for the essentials they need. Most people do not plan for someone to take care of their homework needs, but when they do, they want the best deal.

How much should an assignment cost? How do I know that your rates will cover my needs? 

We treasure our customers and at the same time appreciate our ghostwriter. Therefore, we have implemented a way to ensure that both sides are satisfied. We ensure that our clients find balance in what we charge and what is needed to pay our staff.

Here are a variety of discounts that we offer

New clients

All our new clients are entitled to a one-time discount irrespective of monthly promotion or offer they may have seen it advertised.  This is generated as a courtesy to promote of our work hoping to do more assignments with the client in future.


This a is 10% automatically generated discount for everyone for as long as they will require our services. This is automatic and you will always see it on your account every time you are logged in. this may be combined with promo code offer.


Once in a while, you may receive a discount proactively offered by your chat representative or send via email. In these instances, you receive a promotional code mainly due to seasonal periods, such as finals and midterms seasons.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]