how the organizational culture would help or undermine efforts at being transparent with crisis communication.

1.5 PAGES FOR ANSWER DISCUSSION, reply each one need 1 pages, i need to reply(make reflection for 2 stus work that i attach) use 2 word doc to upload ur works, To facilitate interaction, students are expected to review the online postings on a regular basis even after they have posted their own minimum required […]

how did the symbols you saw in the text lead you to believe that the text was making a commentary on the poor treatment of the mentally ill in society?”  Your goal here is to use the thesis model you were given to analyze a piece of literature (any poem, short story, or our novel) for a commentary on society. You will prove in your essay that the text is communicating that commentary through literary terms that you found. Your paragraphs should use the CDW […]

What are the respective roles of thinking and feeling when it comes to being an leader who is faced with ethical situations and ethical dilemmas that involve decision-making?

1 page to answer Following on our discussion last night, here let us consider that human beings are essentially thinking and feeling persons.  We are rational and emotional.  We engage our minds in critical analysis;  we “thinking things through.”  We also call on our “gut feeling” or emotional sense of what we should or should […]

Compare and contrast the value of open-ended and closed-ended questions on this survey.

An investigator is writing a questionnaire asking police officers about their career satisfaction. Respond to ONE of the following items relative to this questionnaire: *Compare and contrast the value of open-ended and closed-ended questions on this survey. *Would you recommend that she include ranking questions? If so, suggest at least two questions and describe the […]

Is your audience realistic and specific (i.e. does this audience actually exist)?

This assignment is a companion piece to your contribution paper (you will be using the same argument and relying on the same research for this second portion). Your job is to decide which claims, ideas, arguments, and themes in your contribution paper are important or relevant for a lay (not academic) audience. While the only requirement […]