apply lessons in quality improvement in nursing to a real-world nursing issue.

Course Project Milestone 2 Guidelines and Grading Rubric

Updated 01/2019


To apply lessons in quality improvement in nursing to a real-world nursing issue. This Course Project will use the Six Sigma DMAIC process.

Course Outcomes

The Course Project enables the student to meet the following Course Outcomes (COs):

· CO1: Identify the role of the BSN nurse in the quality improvement process as a member of the collaborative interprofessional team. (POs 2 and 7)

· CO2: Discuss effective processes and strategies to improve quality in nursing. (POs 2 and 8)


The entire project is worth 600 points. Milestone 2 is worth 225 points of this total.

Due Date

Submit your completed NR392 Milestone 2 by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT, at the end of Week 3.

Requirements and Guidelines

1. Download the required Milestone 2 Template (Links to an external site.).

2. Save it to your computer in Microsoft Word 2013 (or later) as a .docx file with the file name: Your Last Name NR392 Milestone 2.docx.

3. Carefully review the grading rubric criteria for Milestone 2 and type directly in your saved Milestone 2 Template.

4. No scholarly references or articles are needed for the Milestone 2 assignment.

5. Complete all rubric areas for a superior Milestone 2.

6. Use instructor feedback from Milestone 1 to improve your statements regarding the nursing issue in Milestone 2.

7. Watch the video that provides a detailed overview of the requirements of Milestone 2.

1.  Submit your completed Milestone 2 by Sunday, end of Week 3.

**Academic Integrity Reminder**

College of Nursing values honesty and integrity. All students should be aware of the Academic Integrity policy and follow it in all discussions and assignments.

By submitting this assignment, I pledge on my honor that all content contained is my own original work except as quoted and cited appropriately. I have not received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment. Please see the grading criteria and rubrics on this page.

Please see the grading criteria and rubrics on this page.

NOTE: Please use your browser’s File setting to save or print this page.

Chamberlain College of Nursing NR392 Quality Improvement in Nursing

Course Project Milestone 2 Template

Directions: Prior to completing this template, carefully review Course Project Milestone 2 Guidelines paying particular attention to how to name the document and all rubric requirements. After saving the document to your computer, type your answers directly on this required template and save again. This assignment is due by Sunday end of Week 3 by 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time.

Your Name: __________________________

Assignment CriteriaAnswers:(NOTE: See Milestone 2 Rubric for details required in each area.)
Define:Briefly States Approved Nursing Care Issue from Milestone 125 points
Measure:Identify Measures (Indicators; Data) to Support the Issue in Your Setting75 points
Measure:List Titles of Stakeholders (important persons) and Their Roles in Improving this Nursing Care Issue75 points
Analyze:Analyze the Possible Causes of the Nursing Care Issue50 points
NR392 Course Project Milestone 2 Template.docx 9/27/2018 CJM1

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