business ethics analysis paper 1

On a Thursday in April 2018, two black men were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. Two black men were waiting to meet a business partner, but while they were waiting, they bought nothing. When the store manager asked them to leave, they refused, explaining that they had come to see someone. The store’s manager called police, who arrested two black men after they refused to leave. Meanwhile, another starbucks customer used her phone to record the arrest, which quickly went viral. In an interview after her arrest, the woman who filmed the video said she had been sitting there for some time and had not been asked to leave, although she had not ordered anything. In addition, according to the video, the two black men’s business partners appeared during the arrest and asked the manager and the police what the men had done wrong. The public and those who witnessed the arrests considered it discriminatory and racist. The incident occurred on a Thursday and the following Monday, and Johnson said the manager was no longer working at the store. The arrests sparked protests and a sit-in at a Philadelphia starbucks days after the incident.

I want to write about this business ethics issues …. and attached file is the instruction .

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