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3.5-4 page MLA essay. You are also required to incorporate at least 2 secondary sources into your essay. You will perform a rhetorical analysis arguing why The Epidemic PSA commercial by Monica Lewinsky is the best argument. This essay asks you to perform rhetorical analysis, where you attempt to figure out how the PSA functions by analyzing how well the components of an argument work together to persuade or move an audience. Ultimately, you will make a claim about the PSA’s effectiveness and why the PSA is effective. Note: this assignment does not ask you whether you agree/disagree with the author’s/ argument’s sentiments.


You are required to use 2 secondary sources for your essay. These sources could: tell us relevant information about who is making the argument, the issue, or maybe even the occasion for the argument. The purpose is to help better contextualize the argument for your reader. Sources should be credible and appropriate for the assignment. These sources must be properly cited according to MLA, meaning students must have both in-text citations (also called parenthetical citations) AND a works cited page.


Thesis Statement: All essays must have a thesis statement located near the end of their introduction (first paragraph). A rhetorical analysis thesis statement should say whom an author/text is addressing, how she is addressing them, why she is saying what she is saying, and whether or not it is effective. Evidence from the Text: In order to support your claims, assertions, observations, you will need to provide evidence from the text. In other words, you will want to use examples, direct quotes, or paraphrased material from the text in order to demonstrate where and how the author is making their argument.

Your essay must address the following:

RHETOR/SPEAKER: Who is making the argument? What ethos does it create, and how does it do so?

SUBJECT: What is the subject?

OCCASION: What are the contexts—social, political, historical, cultural—for this argument? Whose interest does it serve? Who gains or loses by it?

AUDIENCE: Who is the intended audience for this argument? Who is ignored or excluded?

PURPOSE: What is the purpose of this argument? What does it hope to achieve?

STRATEGIES: What appeals or techniques does the argument use—emotional, logical, ethical?

What facts, reasoning, and evidence are used in the argument and how are they presented?

How is the argument organized or arranged?

How does the language or style of the argument persuade an audience?

TONE: What is the author’s tone/attitude toward the audience? Toward her subject?

Essay should be a minimum of 3.5 pages (about 825 words)

Essay should have an original title.

Essay should be formatted according to MLA standards.

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