describe leopold s reign of terror

According to the textbook, colonization and imperial expansion led to many unintended consequences. It is often referred to as the “Scramble for Africa.” One example of “colonial exploitation and environmental degradation” is the reign of King Leopold, II, of Belgium in the Congo region in Africa. Horrific atrocities were committed against the native people in Leopold’s attempt to colonize the state. For this weeks reflection, read about Leopold in chapter 17 . Watch the documentary below that describes his reign of terror (no children please).

  • For your reflection, briefly introducing Colonizing Africa from your textbook reading. Then describe the events that occurred in the Congo region from the documentary.
  • Explain the negative impact colonization had on the region and people. What are your feelings about what happened and why?
  • Do you think that the events that occurred in Africa during this time have any bearing on the unrest in parts of Africa today? Do any countries today still practice imperialism? Feel free to research and include any legitimate news article to support your commentary and reflection.
  • Here is one news article to help answer the questions:

King Leopolds Ghost Video:…

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