Do Gut Microbes Contribute to Obesity?

p. 216 – Irradiating Food: Public Fears and Practice: Q – What do you think the FDA could do to encourage public support for Irradiated Food?  Be Specific! 

 p. 257 – Do Gut Microbes Contribute to Obesity? 

 p. 288 – Fig. 9.12 – Emerging Disease Hot Spots: Compare and contrast H7N9 (Avian flu) and H1N1 (Influenza) (Start with  A-Z Index)  


There are a 30-40 points per Discussion Board

· Your instructor will award points for your discussion threads based on the following rubric containing 2 aspects to consider when adding your thread to your group’s discussion: (1) Communication of Ideas and (2) Responsiveness. Points earned will reflect how thorough you were in your explanations.

· Compose your thoughts in a Word document and perfect it there. Copy and paste your thoughts into a Blackboard discussion thread when you feel they are ready for posting. There are no excuses for spelling or grammatical errors in a discussion thread!

· Timely posting is essential! Do NOT wait until the last minute to post your thoughts and replies. This hampers your classmate’s abilities to complete their work as well, and the class discussion does not benefit from your thoughts.

· Lastly, be sure to reference your sources! Do NOT plagiarize by copying and pasting from other websites. At the bottom give the complete website, not just for example as that website has a lot of very different pages. If I find that you have not cited sources or have copied verbatim you will receive a “0” for the assignment!

· Be sure to read the examples of excellent initial postings and responses that I have posted for you to see.

Original Posting0 Point5 Point10 Points15 Points20 Points
Communication of IdeasNo posting ORNo sources citedMinimal organization with generalities to support evidence; missing 3 or more proficiency criteriaBasic organization with limited evidence/too short; missing 3 or more proficiency criteriaOrganized argument with good supporting evidence/may be too short (less than 4 paragraphs); missing citationsWell-organized, persuasive argument with accurate, supporting evidence, plus sources cited in APA format. (4-5 Paragraphs- minimum 5-7 sentences).
Replies to Other Students0 Point1 Point5 Points8 Points10 Points
ResponsivenessNo reply ORNo sources citedDoes not meet 3 or more proficiency criteriaDoes not meet 2 or more proficiency criteriaOnly 1 paragraph in discussion or not entirely centered on topic and/or lack of sourcesRefers to others’ opinions as well as readings in discussion; contributes relevant information with source in APA format, (2-3 paragraphs -5-7 sentences)

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