how much do our beliefs influence our decisions and how much are they being used to manipulate our decisions

The Invitation:

We have learned so far that the best arguments tend to arrive in the Deliberative Rhetoric—in the future tense and dealing with choices. If this is true, why do so many public debates and issues stay trapped in the present, in Demonstrative Rhetoric? While it’s true that morals often cannot be argued, they cannot be ignored. In fact, our beliefs and unique view of the world often inform the choices we argue for. How much do our beliefs influence our decisions—and how much are they being used to manipulate our decisions?

Prompt: Analyze 3 ads from a single company from 3 different countries, distinct regions, or time periods. Ads can be print media, visual videos, political campaigns, etc. How are the different morals or cultures in your examples affecting the argument? What kind of language and rhetoric is being used to persuade the audience? Is it effective? Why or why not? Think about what tools and concepts from class you see or notice are lacking. Your thesis will discuss the trend of the argument/the kind of message it creates in response to a certain audience and if/how that message changes. The body of the paper will explore the thesis through the analysis of each chosen ad supported with outside commentary on the company, product industry, or nature of advertising.


  • Over 6 Pages but not over 8
  • At least 6 sources (3 are your ads!)
  • Minimum 1 source from an Academic Database
  • Proper MLA format and Works Cited Page

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