paper covering their portfolio of responsibilities for their group.

Need a 1500-word (minimum) paper covering their portfolio of responsibilities for their group. Make sure to stay focused on the 5 job roles labeled in the outlined, and read the instructions below on diagrams, and figures as well as quotes and endnotes… 

The paper should include several diagrams and figures and utilize the following: double linespacing, one-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, footnotes or endnotes, and a references cited section.

If you include phrases, sentences, or paragraphs that did not come straight from your own mind, then you must enclose them in quotation marks and add a footnote/endnote. If you fail to do so, you are committing plagiarism1, a serious violation. If you put the ideas of your sources into your own words you still must use footnotes/endnotes to give credit to the author(s) of the ideas. Do not cut and paste from the Internet without properly citing your source. Without quotation marks and footnotes/endnotes, you have plagiarized.

Students should use either MLA or APA format for preparing citations, references, and footnotes/endnotes.



Ecotopia Research Paper Outline

Christopher Leppert

Sunday, May 19, 2019

St Leo University

Presiding over the temperate grassland is of great significance because it demonstrates our concern for the environment in protecting and preserving the endangered and animal species. As Secretary of Sustainable Forestry, parks and Recreation I plan to take full advantage and promote the level of the communication and international cooperation within the temperate grasslands and show that wildlife and forest in these areas are worth of the protection. In North America, the tall grass prairies are soon becoming history. It raises alarm where we have only 3% remaining and to make the matter worse, only 0.5% is protected (Henwood, 2010). To promote conservation efforts of the forestry, parks and recreational places, core network of areas that have been destroyed will be destroyed and those at risk of being destroyed will be identified and be zoned for protection, will launch programs to support biodiversity and functional integrity and lastly, stewardship programs that encourage private partnership to conserve and protect forestry and parks.

Population policies Czar will consider the protection of forestry, parks and recreational plans that are being endangered. Policies that are suggested are; forest management activities where deforestation is banned and collaborate with the local communities for tree planting, offer adequate security to prevent poaching and having the programs that enlighten the public on the significance of conservation of the forestry and wildlife.

As secretary of Sustainable Cities (Urban Planning, Building codes and zoning), my goal will to research on how new cities can be developed that promotes respect for nature. Having this in mind as a point of focus, reevaluation will be carried to determine our current position of cities and our future, a platform will be provided for consultations with various stakeholders such as experts, residents and businesses and promote the development of open space and sustainability plans and also community plans. The houses have been designed in the manner that promotes conservation of the environment band this means construction should not place in riparian land. Laws and regulations that promote higher standards and adhere to international construction laws and that comply with the environmental standard should be implemented.

Global climate czar, soil erosion and weed encroachment are some of the problems of affecting grassland and are caused by human activities such as overgrazing. Human activities facilitate the degradation of grassland and at the same time, it demands human activities to conserve grassland. It is, therefore, necessary to understand how climate change and human activities correlate and identify policies that control human activities that negatively influence climatic change and this is one of the areas that this research will look at (Zhang, Liang, Guo, Xie, Feng & Aimaiti, 2018).

Environment Politics Advisor is an important person and the services of this profession are important because they help identify different issues that are affecting temperate grassland. Advisory services on what best can serve in protecting and conserving endangered fauna and flora will require services of the environment politics advisor. Similarly, for better policies formulation by the government will also require his or her input and therefore is of significance to look into detail the roles of environment politics advisor in the whole matter of temperate grassland.

I invite all other ideas and response from all people that will aid me to cover all the aspects that I have highlighted. My desire is to ensure that I am flexible enough such that the policies that I put in place do not overlook the ideas of other policymakers.


Henwood, W. D. (2010). Toward a strategy for the conservation and protection of the world’s temperate grasslands. Great Plains Research, 121-134.

Zhang, R., Liang, T., Guo, J., Xie, H., Feng, Q., & Aimaiti, Y. (2018). Grassland dynamics in response to climate change and human activities in Xinjiang from 2000 to 2014. Scientific reports, 8(1), 2888.

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