part 1 of the course project you will assess your entrepreneurial presence and based on the results you will create a plan to further develop it

Entrepreneurial Communication: Presence, Persuasiveness, and Negotiation” Course Project

Part 1: Assess Your Entrepreneurial Presence

In Module 1, Professor Streeter described the elements of entrepreneurial presence and explained why they are so important for you to master. In part 1 of your course project, you will assess your own entrepreneurial presence. You will identify strengths you can leverage when you communicate on behalf of your business as well as opportunities to improve your entrepreneurial presence. Then, you will make an action plan to develop one area of opportunity.

You must complete this part of the project to receive credit.

Answer the following questions, using as much space as you need.

Projecting Competence

Thinking about your past experiences, which are the most relevant in showing you as competent in ways that are important to succeeding in your business/industry?

How do you make others aware of these relevant experiences? (For example, do you include them when you introduce yourself, put them on your bio, etc.)

Take a critical look at your LinkedIn profile (and/or other social media profiles). Step back and evaluate the pictures, videos, and text that appear as part of your profile.
Have you displayed a professional appearance and listed experiences that demonstrate your competence?

Showing Commitment

In business settings, do you regularly and explicitly project these three beliefs? Are there any internal barriers to doing so? If so, list them.

1.I believe I will be successful with this business.

Do you regularly and explicitly project this belief?

Internal barriers:

2.I have confidence in myself as a leader.

Do you regularly and explicitly project this belief?

Internal barriers:

3.I am fully committed to my entrepreneurial pathway.

Do you regularly and explicitly project this belief?

Internal barriers:

Communicating with Confidence

Do others in your business networks perceive you to be confident? (If you don’t know, ask a trusted business colleague). Why or why not?

Does modesty keep you from mentioning your accomplishments, abilities and credentials?

Expressing Emotion

In terms of your emotional energy, where are you on this spectrum? Note whether you are more understated and low key, exuberant and over the top, or somewhere in the middle.

Understated, Low KeyExuberant, Over the Top

I would describe myself as:

In your experiences, does your style of communication work best when you “turn it up” or “turn it down”?

Physical Presence

What in your physical appearance helps you project confidence and competence?What helps you stand out? Where do you think there could be improvement?

Do you regularly run into any of the body language “traps?” For example, do you tend to minimize yourself physically, play with your jewelry, smile nervously to excess, or have any other habit you think takes away from your entrepreneurial presence?

Action Plan

Select one area of opportunity you uncovered in your entrepreneurial presence self-assessment and complete this action plan to improve your entrepreneurial presence in that one area.

Complete your action plan below.

Opportunity to improve entrepreneurial presence

Identify the area of entrepreneurial presence where you think you can improve.


Identify the strategies you plan to use to improve in the area you selected.


What are the specific actions you will take to prepare to use these strategies? How will you overcome potential obstacles?


Identify a timeline for implementation. What will you do right away? What will you have accomplished before you next communicate to stakeholders or potential stakeholders on behalf of your business?


How are you going to measure your results or demonstrate that your efforts have had a positive impact?

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