Post a brief description of the public health initiative HIV/AIDS

Due 11/29   7 p.m est

1 page not including title and ref min 3 APA


When analyzed through the lens of economics, public health operates like other sectors of the economy while still retaining significant differences. Economists use economic principles as a tool to understand and ensure the success of public health initiatives. Scarcity, opportunity cost, willingness to pay, trade, marginal costs, and marginal benefits are some of the economic principles that can be applied to public health initiatives.

Consider economic principles and their application to HIV/AIDS initiatives.  Identify three economic principles that may have influenced the public health initiative HIV/AIDS and explain how.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a brief description of the public health initiative HIV/AIDS. Then, describe three economic principles and how they may have been applied to that public health initiative. Finally, explain how they may have contributed to the success of the initiative.

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