use this handout to analyse the case study each paragraph of the case study is numbered write the number in the left hand column the name of the barrier in the second column through the project research complete the word document content

Please read the following document and identify the barriers to entry, and

  1. Have to hand the list of barriers to entry
  2. Carefully read each paragraph
  3. Make notes, listing the number and the appropriate barriers to entry
  4. Note whether they are defensive or protective
  5. Identify if the barriers are Hi, Med, or Low
  6. Suggest ways to reduce those barriers
  7. Be ready to pitch findings to the class

The barriers to entry comprise the acronym CRIMSON BLADE:

C- channels
R- regulation
I – intellectual property M- money
S- switching
O- overhead
N- network

B- brand equity
L- learning curve
A- aggressive legal reaction D- differentiation
E- economies

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