what is needed for the 1st draft

I have attached a word doc with the proposal

What is needed in the first draft?

a) You need to work on a Power Point Presentation – please use your best MS Office skills to produce an interesting and innovative presentation

b) Minimum content – as of this time I feel that you can be able to cover this minimum information in about 10 to 15 slides

  • Title Slide
  • Table of Contents
  • Purpose of the Social Venture
  • Description of the Venture
  • Benefits that you want to offer
  • Target market identification: who will be your main user or population to serve
  • Start up Requirements – how much money do you need to start the social venture?
  • Potential Marketing aspects: how you will promote the venture, how you will obtain revenues, how you will distribute your proceeds to the target market
  • Why people must support (or donate) to this venture

Materials to complement the social venture project:

chapter 2 of Get Backed: Get_Backed_ch2.pdf

– this is a short explanation of what I may be expecting for the First and Final Draft to Cover as the intentions for what you need to deliver is how I can be enticed to Invest in your Social Venture. The slide shows that can answer the different aspects of the social venture.

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