What did Susan do wrong and what rules did she violate?

Midweek Assignment: Essay

Susan is a paralegal in a one attorney office. She works for Mr. Robert Sharky. One Friday afternoon, attorney Sharky left early to take a flight to Las Vegas. He planned to be back on Monday. Bob Jones, one of the firm’s divorce clients, runs into the office and tells Susan he just shot his ex-wife when she came at him with a knife after an argument. He throws the smoking gun on the desk and asks Susan to hide it for him. Susan takes the gun and puts it into her desk drawer and locks the drawer. She plans to discuss the issue with her attorney when he gets back from his vacation on Monday. She tells Bob that the firm can help him avoid jail time since the wife instigated it and Bob shot her in self-defense. Bob leaves.

That night Susan joins her friends for happy hour and tells them about what happened but she does not mention Bob’s name. After Susan tells the story, a news flash comes on the television at the bar and the story says the suspect in the wife shooting is Bob.

Use the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct or your state’s ethics rules and spot all the issues in this scenario. What did Susan do wrong and what rules did she violate? Should she have informed the police? Cite all sources using the Bluebook format.

Name your assignment SUO_LGS1001_W2_MidProject_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.